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3 Signs It’s Time to Get New Windows

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There are some things that homeowners need to take care of on a regular basis, like gutter cleaning and lawn mowing.

There are other things that most homeowners only have to do a few times during their entire home ownership, like replacing their windows or their doors.

If you don’t have a lot of experience in the area of window replacement, you may be wondering where you can get the best replacement windows in Des Moines, or if it’s even necessary to switch out your old windows.

Here are three signs it’s time to retire your current windows and get new replacement windows.

1. Your Energy Bill Is Out of Control

If your energy bill is much too high, your windows may be partially to blame. Older windows are less efficient than newer models, especially if they are damaged and letting in air. Purchasing energy-efficient windows is a great way to bring your energy bill down.

2. They’re Broken or Damaged

If you can see that your windows are damaged in any way, it’s time to think about window replacement in Des Moines. Damaged windows are not only inefficient, but they can also contribute to water damage and mold growth if they let too much moisture in your home.

3. You’re Renovating an Older Home

Are you renovating an older home? If so, you probably want to keep as much of the home’s original charm as possible. In most cases, though, you don’t want to keep original windows in older homes. It’s ok to keep the original staircase or trim in most cases, but windows should be updated for maximum safety and efficiency.

When you have high-quality windows in your home, you reap the benefits of greater energy efficiency, reliability and beauty. If you notice that your energy bill is out of control, your windows are visibly damaged or you’re renovating an old home, it is worth it to get the best replacement windows in Des Moines.

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