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4 Exterior Windows and Doors Options In Des Moines

Find the right exterior windows and doors for your home with plenty of options.

At Zen Windows Des Moines, we’re proud to talk about how energy efficient, secure, and durable our exterior windows and doors are. But for something that applies to the exterior of your home, you also want it to look good. Your new windows and patio doors should match the style of your home and boost your curb appeal. Fortunately, with Zen Windows, we once again have you covered. All of our windows and patio doors not only perform well, but look great doing it. Here are just a few options you can choose for your home.

Double Hung Windows

When it comes to windows, double hung has been the most popular style for decades, and for good reason. These windows are made with two sashes, both operable. One moves up while the other moves down. This makes them easy to adjust and easy to clean, and the double lock system makes them more secure. These windows can be a great addition to any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom – even the bathroom, as the customizable ventilation helps to prevent mold and mildew. We have stylistic options at Zen Windows, such as adding decorative window grills or leaving the panes clear for unobtrusive views.

Picture Windows

Picture windows can come in any size, shape, or style. They can come in a rectangular shape or a circle, take up most of the wall, or just serve as a small decorative accent. The thing that makes picture windows different from other types of windows is that they’re fixed. They’re not designed to open, and are typically used simply to boost curb appeal and add sunlight to a room. However, because they don’t open, not much air leaks through, so these windows are remarkably energy efficient, and because they’re versatile in their style, they look great in any room.

Bay or Bow Windows

Bay or bow windows are convex windows made with three or five panes of glass. Because they curve outward, they can add space to a smaller room, and offer the opportunity to make a window seat or a place for potted plants. They can be fixed or made with casement panes which open on the side. They have a classic elegance so they’re sure to boost your curb appeal and draw the eye of the neighbors. These windows look best in living rooms, playrooms, or bedrooms, but really any room that needs a little extra space can benefit from bay or bow windows.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding glass patio doors have a specific function: they belong in whichever room abuts the patio, and their purpose is to combine the indoor and outdoor spaces more smoothly and let in more sunlight and extended views. With tall glass panes, these sliding glass doors can fill a room with light, and the covered track nature keeps drafts out for added energy efficiency. Our patio doors come with a number of stylistic options, including window grids, decorative door handles and different colored frames.

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