5 Problems That Can Arise From a Poor Exterior Door Installation

Believe it or not, your exterior door installation makes a big impact on the health of not just your door, but your home as a whole. Even an excellently crafted exterior door is little help with a poor installation. DIY installers or less experienced contractors might install your exterior doors in a way that looks right on the surface, but they lack the know-how to see problems that could grow as time goes on. Here are 5 problems that could arise from a poor exterior door installation:

Drafts and High Energy Bills

If your door isn’t properly sealed and fitted to your home, you could have a problem with heat loss during the winter, in which heat from the inside of your home escapes out. You can also have issues with air from outside getting in, causing uncomfortable drafts. When these drafts occur, your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your house the ideal temperature, which will cause your energy bills to spike.


Another issue of an improper fit or installation is pests. If air can leak inside, there’s a chance that bugs may be able to slip through any cracks and infest your home as well. It just takes a couple to become a problem, and especially during rainy months like spring and fall, your home might look very appealing to nearby insects. There may even be a chance of mice getting in, depending on how poor the installation was.

Damaged Hinges

Every little part of your exterior door is important when it comes to installation. Exterior door installers who aren’t careful may damage the hinges of the door in the process. This can cause several problems with your door. It may rest crookedly in the frame, or it may be more difficult to open and close. Your hinges need to be in strong condition in order to help your door secure your home and weather the elements.

Trouble Opening and Closing

It’s also important that the fit of your door be exactly right. A poorly fitting door can be a struggle to open and close. It might take a few pushes in order to get it open in the morning or it swings wide when you open it, your door was either a bad fit or it was installed poorly.

Poor Security

Security is also a big issue when it comes to door installation. If your door is improperly installed, it may not be as impact resistant as it should be, making your home more vulnerable to intruders. An improperly installed lock or deadbolt also places your home in a vulnerable position. Not only could it make you unable to lock your home when you need to, but you might not be able to unlock your home when you need to get in if the lock sticks.

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