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Burglar-Proofing Your Windows


Secure Windows Mean a Secure Home: How Does Your Home Measure Up?

While many burglars will try to enter through a door, their second favorite way of entry is through your windows. That’s why it’s important to ensure your home’s windows are burglar-proof. Zen Windows Des Moines is here to provide you with safe and secure windows and tips on burglar-proofing your windows so you can have peace of mind.

It’s safe to say that making sure your windows are burglar-proof is of the utmost importance. Not only do you want to keep your property from being vandalized or stolen, but having secure windows also helps keep you and your family safe from possible violence. The safety of your home and family is one of Zen Windows’ top priorities.

The best way to ensure your windows are secure is by turning to a window professional to assess your current windows and make recommendations for enhancements or new, more secure window options.

Types of Windows and Their Security Features

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows tend to be the most vulnerable to easy break-ins. Luckily, if you have double-hung windows that need extra securing, a window professional can help. Drilling and pinning is an affordable and effective way to secure your double-hung windows. You should also ensure the frame is solid and secure, the locks are effective, and the glass sits well in the pane.

Casement Windows

Casement windows provide an opportunity for a burglar to break in through them if determined enough. It’s important to make sure the hardware on your casement windows is secure and sturdy enough that even if cracked open a few inches, a burglar wouldn’t be able to force their way in.

Other ways you can secure your windows include adding bars, grates, or wire mesh or by using a specialty glass material that’s resistant to breaking when force is used.

Security Beyond Windows

While not every window in your home needs to be made secure, it’s important to make sure the following windows are safe from burglars:

  • Ground-level windows
  • Windows hidden by shrubs
  • Basement windows or windows in areas that may be less noticeable from plain view

No need to worry about break-ins when you work with Zen Windows Des Moines. We’ll ensure you have safe and secure windows that lock well and provide any extra security measures to your windows you desire.

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