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Casement vs. Double-Hung: Which Windows Are Right for You?

Casement and double-hung windows are two of the most desirable window styles on the window market today. Both are classics in different ways: double-hung windows are classy and traditional, casement windows are elegant and dramatic. Both windows are easy to operate.

But you only need one kind of window at the moment, so which one will it be? Having some trouble deciding? Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages to both casement and double-hung windows so you can decide what’s right for you.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are typically tall, narrow windows that open outward from the side through use of a crank. They’re easy to operate, so on mild days, many homeowners open them partway to allow the outdoor breeze to waft inside. They offer beautiful extended views and are sometimes installed in a row of 3, 4, or 5 casement windows. These windows look excellent with a modern style home, particularly in the living room, bedrooms, sunrooms, or kitchen.

These windows are among the most thermally efficient window styles on the market today. They create an excellent seal when closed, and very little air leaks in or escapes out of the home. They also offer energy efficiency by allowing more sunlight into the home. However, casement windows are at risk of damage. Strong winds can bend or break the window crank, whereas double-hung windows have a more secure design. Casement windows also need sufficient space to open, so if there’s a beautiful tree right outside the house, that could clash with casement windows.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have a popular dynamic design, opening both at the top and the bottom, whichever you prefer. They’re made with two vertical sashes moving in different directions. The top sash moves down while the bottom sash moves up. These windows are locked into place through two locks located in the middle where these sashes meet. In many ways, double-hung windows are the true American window style. They’re found in just about every architectural style. They’re timeless. They have a cozy, traditional look hanging over your kitchen sink, but they can also freshen up your home office.

Many homeowners prefer double-hung windows because of the control they offer in terms of ventilation. Casement windows only open in one direction, and double-hung windows don’t need space to open outward as they only move up and down. The check bar at the center of the window can also slightly obstruct your views, whereas casement windows are smooth and uninterrupted. The seal also isn’t quite as strong as that of casement windows, although a skilled installation team will ensure that these windows are still very efficient.

Which window is right for you? It depends on the style and aesthetic you want for your home, how much maintenance you want to put in, and the quality of ventilation or seal that you want. When you know which window you want, contact Zen Windows Des Moines for a free quote.