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Checklist for Choosing the Best Window and Door Company

In order to sort through all the window and door companies that could tackle your project in Des Moines, you’ll want to screen them carefully. By the end of the process, you want to be confident in your choice. This requires careful research even before you ask for a quote, but during that time as well. Here are a few things you want to have checked off for a particular company before you make a choice.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Even if you just watch a fair amount of home improvement TV shows, you’ve heard the phrase “licensed, bonded, and insured.” It’s a must in choosing the right contractors, window and door companies included. That means that first, the company is licensed to work in your area. This is non-negotiable. Bonded means that a surety bond has been set aside to compensate you in the event that the contractor defaults on the project. Insured, of course, means that the contractor has the proper insurance to handle the project. It’s not a legal requirement for all contractors to be bonded and insured, but it’s a good idea to make sure that they are in order to protect yourself from being held liable in the event of an accident.

A Solid Local Reputation

Your window and door company doesn’t need to have 90 years of experience, but they should have a reputation for excellence in your local area. You can get a sense of this by looking at the associations they’re a part of or the awards they’ve won. You can even look at their reviews from past customers. One resource to check is Better Business Bureau. The BBB rates businesses of all kinds, and includes a section where customers can leave reviews. If you want more information, you can ask the company for references during your interview with them.


What does their warranty look like? Make sure you read the fine print. Some companies will offer a “lifetime warranty,” but when you look carefully, it’s only a lifetime warranty on the product, not the labor. You want a warranty that covers the product, the labor, and even accidents like glass breakage. If you find that, you can rest assured that not only is the company concerned with customer satisfaction, but they’re confident in their product.


If you have a budget, you’ll want to take a look at the company’s financing options, as well. Ask about payment plans during the interview, before you apply for financing. That way you won’t run into any surprises during the application process, and again, this offers you a glimpse into the true character of the company you’re interviewing.

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