Choosing the Perfect Window for Each Room In Your Home

Replacing vinyl windows in your Des Moines home? Here’s a guide going room to room

Every home has a different style, but within your home, the aesthetic may vary even from room to room. Each room has different needs in terms of lighting, operation, and style, so there’s rarely one window that suits all spaces. That’s why when you choose to replace your vinyl windows with Zen Windows Des Moines, we offer such a wide variety of window styles. The question is, which windows work best for each room. It really depends on your personal preference, but here are some good standards.


Whether you have a glass pane in your entry door or windows in the foyer of your home, your home’s entryway has different window needs than the rest of the home. This can be a difficult area to light, so the more natural lighting you have the better. You may want tall windows here to add lighting. But an airtight seal is also important. For this reason, picture windows tend to be popular in entry ways. They offer the same lighting as other window styles, but they’re made to stay closed, so they don’t let any air through. Casement windows, which are tall and vertical in style but close completely within their frame, could also be a good option.


Your kitchen needs to be well-lit so you can easily see what you’re doing. Function is also important when it comes to kitchen windows. Many homes have a kitchen window directly over the sink to let in the light where you need it most. The window should be able to fit into that space. Casement windows are popular over a kitchen sink because of their full and unobstructed view and ease of operation since the handle is easy to reach. You may also have a small dining area in the kitchen if your home combines spaces, and that area tends to be well-lit as well. Double hung windows are popular in dining spaces for the light they let in, their energy efficiency, and their easy function. Sliding windows are also a good choice, especially with their horizontal nature allowing full views similar to a casement window.

Problem Rooms

Have any rooms that feel small and cramped? Choosing the right window can help them to feel more spacious. For these, you want large windows that offer extended outdoor views, tricking the eye. You can also choose convex windows like bay or bow windowsthat add practical space to the room, if only a little. Casement windows, because of their tall nature, are also a good idea in these areas. What about a space that feels particularly dim? Consider installing awning windows along the tops of the walls to “daylight” the room.

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