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Cost Variables in Exterior Door Installation

patio door being installed in des moines

If you require exterior door installation in Des Moines, whether for new construction or for your existing home, you are probably wondering how much it will cost. Exterior door installation can range from $100 to $400 and above, depending on a variety of factors.


If you’ve already purchased a door and simply need to have it installed, labor will be your primary cost. Additionally, it’s less expensive to change out a door and use an existing door frame than to change a door as well as its frame. Often, specialty door companies charge more for labor than a general handyman or contractor.

Door Size

If you are changing your exterior door to one of a smaller or larger size, it will cost more than simply hanging a door that’s the same size as your previous door. Changing the size of a door means increased labor because the frame will have to be rebuilt to accommodate the new sized door. Retaining the size and existing frame, then, is a way to save money on your door installation.


Whether you purchase your new door yourself or have a contractor purchase it for you, the materials comprising the door can affect the installation costs. Steel doors, for example, typically cost more to install, as do specialty doors and specialty hardware.


Where you live can also affect the price for installing or hanging an exterior door. Installers in large metropolitan areas with a high cost of living typically charge more than installers in places that are less expensive to live. Additionally, some installers may charge extra for travel if you live outside their normal service area.

If you are considering exterior door installation in Des Moines, you should factor in more than just the cost of the door itself. There are many variables that can affect the cost to install an exterior door, and these should be figured into your budget.