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Current Trends in Sliding Glass Doors

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If you are considering door replacement in Des Moines, there are many factors to consider. What type of door best suits your needs? What type of door complements the style of your home? There are many current trends in sliding glass doors that could make a slider the perfect choice for your home.

The History of Sliding Glass Doors

About 50 years ago, following World War II sliding glass doors  became popular in the United States. They complemented the ranch-style and mid-century modern homes that were popular because they create the illusion of a very large window. This illusion of a large, interrupted space works well with the ideal of indoor/outdoor living popular during that era. Sliders remain popular, in part, because they are relatively low profile and create a sense of open space. However, in addition to traditional sliders, there are many other options available if you are considering replacement doors for your home.

Lift and Slide Doors

One option for a modern style home is the lift and slide door, also called lift sliders. These European-inspired doors create the appearance of a large wall of uninterrupted glass. When opened, the doors themselves, which can be up to 16 feet tall, are completely hidden in a pocket in a neighboring wall. Lift sliders can be custom made to fit 90-degree corners and even curved spaces. They are very low profile, showing only a very small track on the floor.

French Sliders

If you prefer a more traditional look, French sliding glass doors may be for you. French sliders give the appearance of traditional French doors, while offering the convenience of a slider. Typically, French sliders are comprised of four panels, with the center panels sliding apart over the two outer panels. French sliders are a lovely option. They retain the look and feel of French doors while giving homeowners the ease of sliding glass doors.

Sliding glass patio doors are a good choice for many homes. If you are shopping for replacement doors in Des Moines, consider some of these options.