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Is Your Des Moines Home Ready for a Window Replacement?

When is it the right time to have window replacements installed?

If you have a particularly busy life, you might be tempted to say, “Never.” But if your window is broken and you have to live with it until it’s fixed, you’ll wish that you had done something sooner. So, when should you make time for a window replacement? While there’s no particular guideline, there are a few situations that spell the perfect time for to have new windows installed. Ask yourself these questions to know whether your home is ready for a window replacement.

Are your windows over 30 years old?

The lifespan of your windows depends on the materials. Aluminum windows last about 15-20 years, wood windows can last up to 30 years, and vinyl windows can last 20-40 years. But overall, windows of upwards of 30 years tend to be past their prime. The older the window is, the more insulation will start to wear down and the springs will start to rust. If you notice cracks in your window’s seal or that the window locks are stiff and won’t turn, your home is ready for a window replacement.

Has your home recently suffered any storm damage?

Heavy rain, wind, or storm debris can be severely damaging for your home, including your windows. Even if your window itself isn’t cracked, storms can weaken your window’s seal or damage your window frame. If your home has suffered severe storm damage or pervasive water damage in general, it may be time to look into the damage to your window. If there’s severe damage, it’s definitely time for a window replacement.

Does your house feel drafty?

If you feel a draft in your home, it may be coming from your windows. Even if the seal is doing its job, the glass might not insulating enough to keep cold air out of the house. Major condensation or ice buildup on the glass or frame may seem like a normal reaction to a cold night, but a good window should not have this issue. Interior ice buildup is a sure sign of a drafty window, one that is severely under-insulated, and one that needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Are your windows energy efficient?

We’ve come a long way in terms of energy efficient window technology. If your windows are older, they might not be up to date on all of those energy efficient advances. Your windows might not be broken, but you could be saving hundreds each year on your HVAC and energy bills with stronger energy efficiency. Triple-pane ultra S glass like our Lotus vinyl windows or the double-pane low-E glass of our Nirvana windows provide top-notch efficiency. These windows are great options for households interested in decreasing their carbon footprint.

Are you getting ready to move?

It might seem a strange suggestion to replace windows when you’re planning to move out of your home, but it’s a smart idea for selling. Before you put the house on the market, you want to make sure that you can get the most value out of it. The more up-to-date the conveniences of the home, the higher its value. The higher your home’s value, the more you’ll have opportunity to spend on your new home. All new windows will make a good impression on buyers, especially if those windows provide extra comfort and energy efficiency.

If your home is ready for a window replacement, Zen Windows Des Moines is here to make that easy for you. Our expert team has decades of experience with window installation. They’ll make sure to do it right and ensure your comfort as the work is being done. We have a range of energy efficient replacement window options to choose from. Contact us today for a free quote and tell us why your home is in need of a window replacement.