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What to Expect From Your Replacement Window Installation?

You’ve chosen your replacement window contractor, chosen your replacement windows, and now all that remains is to have the windows installed. Do you know what to expect? With the right contractor, your replacement window installation will be done efficiently, with expert care, and will be as comfortable as any construction work can be.

That said, you will have an installation crew moving in and out of your home and the installation process may be a bit noisy. If you haven’t lived through a replacement window installation, you should know what to expect so you can be prepared.

Before the Installation Crew Arrives

A couple days before, you should contact the replacement window contractor to confirm the date and time of your installation so there’s no confusion. Summer is the busy season for replacement window contractors, while in winter you’ll have more freedom when it comes to scheduling. You should also clarify any specific requests. Do you want to save the old windows? Make that clear, and make a note of it at home.

If you plan to stay home for the installation, make sure you’ve taken the time off work. If you want to be out of the house and away from all the noise, make your plans to do so.

During the Installation

When the crew arrives, you may want to meet with the foreman. Make sure that the replacement windows match what you ordered and go through all the windows in the home that need to be replaced. This is the time to point out your special instructions to the crew, although again, the right contractor and installation crew will be respectful of your wishes to begin with.

If you don’t plan to stick around, you can leave it to the crew from here. If you plan to stay home, don’t worry about having to monitor the work. This crew does jobs just like this every day. Let them do their work and trust that they know what they’re doing.

How Long Does the Installation Process Take?

The length of time that the job takes depends largely on the contractor and how many windows you need to be replaced. The crew will first lay down tarp or drop cloths to prevent mess and remove the old windows. Then the replacement windows will be installed, and finally the mess from installation will be cleaned up before they leave. Insert replacement windows are installed more quickly as they fit right into the frame of the old windows, while full frame replacement windows might take a little longer since they are removing the entire window and frame down to the rough opening.

One of the perks of hiring a professional contractor to install your replacement windows is that once they arrive, and you’ve let them know about any special instructions, you can sit back and relax. The crew will take care of the rest with respect and expertise, leaving their work area clean before they pack up and your home with new, more efficient windows.

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