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Fall Maintenance for Vinyl Windows and Doors

Fall is here, and while the mild weather and vibrant colors might be enjoyable now, it won’t be long before it’s winter. That’s why it’s so important to do all the necessary maintenance to prepare your vinyl windows and doors for winter now, before it gets too cold. When you have vinyl windows and patio doors installed from Zen Windows, you can count on exceptional quality and durability. If not, fall may be the perfect time for a window or door replacement. But whatever the case may be, here are a few maintenance steps you’ll want to take this fall.

Check For Airflow

In the case of both windows and doors, the goal is to have as little air flow as possible. The more air that flows through your closed windows and doors, the more likely you are to have a draft and suffer high heating bills during the winter. You can get an idea of how much air your windows and doors leak by trying the candle test. Light a candle beside the window or door, particularly near the bottom. If you notice the flame pulling in a particular direction, that tells you you have an issue with airflow leaking through your windows and doors.

Strengthen Weatherstripping

This is the best season to give your weatherstripping another look and see if it needs to be refreshed. Check the caulk around the windows for any cracks or weak spots, and if necessary, surround the edges with new weatherstripping. Likewise, entry doors should be surrounded with weatherstripping. However, sliding glass patio doors are already taken care of in this respect, because they fit completely inside of their track, making them airtight. Entry doors and windows will be the only thing you have to worry about here.

Clean and Lubricate

Finally, clean your windows and doors so they look refreshed and ready for winter. Use soft cloths and mild household cleaners to wipe down any glass, and make sure to get the tight corners as well. With patio doors and entry doors, this may be all you need to do. However, when it comes to windows, you may want to take this opportunity to lubricate the moving parts. This can be beneficial and help the windows continue to work like new.

Are your vinyl windows and doors ready for winter? If not, fall is the time to get in all the maintenance you need to prepare. And if you need replacement windows or doors contact Zen Windows Des Moines today for a free, simple, and accurate quote!