How to Maximize Natural Light In Your Des Moines Home

Let there be MORE light in your Des Moines home.

We all know the benefits of natural light in the home. Not only can it help you save energy by relying less on your electrical work during the day, but natural light has a known impact on your emotions and mood. The more natural light you take in, the more focused and energized you’ll feel through the day. You’ll even be able to sleep better at night. Natural lighting is a boon for those who work from home, especially in the midst of the cold, dim winter. But if you’re not getting enough natural light in your home, what can you do to increase it?

Look For That VT Rating

In searching for replacement windows, you’ll come across an NFRC label that rates the window on several different standards of energy efficiency:

  • U-Factor rates the window’s heat loss on a scale of 0-1. The lower the rating, the less heat escapes through that window.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, conversely, measures how much unwanted heat gets in on a scale of 0 and 1. Here again, the lower the number, the less heat gets in.
  • Visible Transmittance, or VT, measures the amount of light that the window lets into the home. The closer the rating is to 1 on a scale of 0-1, the more light gets in.
  • Air Leakage rates the amount of air that leaks through the window, ranging from .01 – .07. The lower the rating, the more tightly sealed that window is.
  • Condensation Resistance measures the window’s resistance to interior window condensation during the winter months on a scale of 1 to 100, with higher numbers being more resistant to condensation.

When it comes to letting in more natural light, you want something with a high VT rating. Something .5 or over can be a great way to add natural light to your home.

Choose Your Window Styles Carefully

Clerestory Windows aren’t a window style on their own; they’re more of a window position. Clerestory windows are often awning windows that are installed towards the top of the wall, so that sunlight floods down into the room, “daylighting” a room. Picture windows, or fixed windows, are another way to add natural lighting into the room, as their only function is letting in the view from outdoors. On the other hand, you might choose larger window styles — such as bay or bow windows — strategically placed to let in the most sun.

Add a Patio Door

Beyond that, consider installing a sliding glass patio door. These doors have a pane of glass running from top to bottom, so as to let in the most light possible. They’re a great way to combine your indoor and outdoor space, but one of the biggest benefits to a patio door is the amount of natural light let through. You might even install one outside your home office, so that — in addition to the natural sunlight benefits — when you need to stretch your legs, you can easily slip outside for a moment.

Looking for a way to add natural light to your home? Contact Zen Windows Des Moines today for more information.