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How to Test the Health of Your Entry Doors

french entry doors with textured glass
Your entry door is key (pardon the pun) to the security of your home, as well as your energy efficiency. When your entry door is healthy, you can rest in comfort with peace of mind. But what if your entry door is starting to wear down? How can you tell? A few things to consider are the materials that make up your entry door, the year in which it was installed, and whether or not it’s an Energy Star door. However, there are a few simple tests you can do to check the health of the door.

Take a Look

Next, look at your door. What is it made of? Wood? Fiberglass or steel? Vinyl? How does the paint job look? Is it peeling, bubbling, or fading? Is the door starting to warp or does it look crooked at all? You may not be able to spot all of the potential problems with the naked eye, but don’t discount what you can see.

Open and Close

Perhaps the simplest thing you can do is open and close your door. You likely do it multiple times a day, but you might not think about it much. This time pay close attention. Is there resistance or loud creaking when you open and close the door? Does it seem a little swollen or somewhat uneven? These could be signs that the hinges of your door are wearing down or it could be a problem with the door itself. Make sure to check both so that you can identify the actual problem.

The Candle Test

This test is less intuitive, but it can be exceptionally helpful in testing the energy efficiency and state of the entry door. Here’s what you do: light a candle and place it on the floor near the door. Does the flame pull in any particular direction? If so, that means air is passing through the surface of the door. This could mean losing indoor heat in the winter or gaining unwanted heat in summer. This test is typically used for windows, but could still be useful for doors, especially sliding glass patio doors.

The health of your entry doors is vital to your home. Need new or replacement entry doors? Contact Zen Windows Des Moines today for more information.