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Indoor Outdoor Living in Des Moines With Patio Doors

Indoor/outdoor living is becoming more and more popular. Bringing something of nature into your indoor space adds tranquility while having your indoor space so easily accessible to the outdoors adds convenience. Sliding glass patio doors from Zen Windows Des Moines can be a perfect way to create the indoor/outdoor space of your dreams. But with the extended views and convenient access, how do you make the most of it?

Furnish Your Patio

Add a small table to your patio as well as a few cushioned chairs (made with hardy upholstery that can withstand the elements, such as waterproof canvas). This can make for a great nook to enjoy your breakfast or morning coffee or to read a book on a nice day. Add a potted plant or other decorative elements to really liven the space up, encouraging you to spend more time outdoors. While you’re sitting in your living room, looking out your patio doors, you’ll find yourself wanting to move towards your outdoor space.

Plant an Herb Garden

A garden is a great way to enhance the views of your outdoor space. However, if you want to get the most out of the indoor/outdoor quality, consider growing an herb garden. You can plant basil, rosemary, thyme, and the like, all of which have an attractive appearance as they grow. Then you can take cuttings from your herb garden and use them in the recipes you make inside. It’s just one other way to blend your living space between indoors and outdoors.

Get Houseplants

Take advantage of all that beautiful natural sunlight by starting a shelf of houseplants or even setting up a few hanging plants. Your house plants will thrive in the environment created by your sliding glass patio door and the sight of natural beauty inside will help to make the transfer to the nature outside more cohesive. Here again, you could even plant some herbs so that you can use them in cooking later.

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