Introducing NEAT Naturally Clean Glass From Cardinal

At Zen Windows Des Moines, we’re committed to providing the best in replacement window manufacturing.

We know that the same window doesn’t necessarily work for every homeowner. That’s why we offer a variety of energy efficient replacement windows. Now, however, in working with Cardinal Windows, we’re able to offer another recent advancement in replacement windows that’s perfect for homeowners looking for a way to avoid rainy, foggy windows after a storm. Neat naturally clean glass is designed to be smooth so that rain rolls right off without trouble. There are several benefits to be found from this kind of window.

Curb Appeal

While it might not be life or death, many homeowners don’t love the look of rain drops clinging to their windows after a rainstorm. This can occur when the glass isn’t smooth enough, so while some of the rain runs off, other drops cling until the window dries. It’s not an appealing look, and if you have wood window frames (though we recommend vinyl), it could even affect the quality of your frames long term. With Neat windows, the smooth glass allows the rain to run right off. When the storm stops, so does the rain on your glass.


Because this glass is so smooth, it’s also a breeze to clean. It’s called naturally clean for a reason. There’s not much that sticks to this microscopically smooth glass, with a permanently layer of silicone dioxide to add to its slick surface, so it doesn’t collect dirt and grime the way other windows might. A very occasional wiping down is really all that’s required to keep these windows in great shape for years to come, particularly with vinyl window frames and a quality installation.

Energy Efficiency

Neat window glass also comes with low-e coatings to keep the windows energy efficient. These coatings block harmful UV rays from your window, so you get plenty of light without some of the harsh side effects like furniture or hardwood fading. The more energy efficient your windows are, the more comfortable they can help to keep your home year round, without you having to rely on heating, cooling, or electric lighting quite as much. With these windows, your energy bills and your environmental impact will go down without the same happening to your comfort level.

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