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Krypton & Argon: Gas-Filled Windows to the Rescue!

A little gas in your windows could be just what your home needs.

Krypton and argon may sound like far-off places in a superhero comic, but the truth is much simpler: they’re both chemicals used in gas-filled windows. But while they might not save the world from powerful supervillains, both krypton and argon can save you hundreds of dollars on your HVAC and energy bills.

There are generally two different types of non-toxic, inert gases used for gas-filled windows. You guessed it: krypton and argon. However, these gases are not interchangeable. Here’s a breakdown of krypton gas-filled windows and argon gas-filled windows and how they can help your home:


If your windows are triple pane, krypton is the way to go. Krypton is denser than argon, so less of it is needed to slow head conductivity. Because of that, krypton is the best choice when the space between panes is especially tight: ⅜ of an inch is all krypton needs to do its job. It’s a strong insulator, and if your goal is to go green and decrease your carbon footprint, krypton is a great option. However, its standard price is on the high side and most professionals will admit that it doesn’t save that much more than argon in terms of HVAC costs.


Argon is considered the standard choice among industry professionals, and it’s perfect for double-paned or triple-paned windows. It’s 25% denser than air, giving it excellent thermal resistance as it retards the flow of air through the glass panes. It  can be infused in any size or type of window: patio doors, picture windows, or casement windows are all fair game. Awning windows with argon gas fills are particularly useful for blocking ultraviolet rays. Since argon is more affordable than krypton, argon gas-filled windows typically provide the best bang for your buck when it comes to saving on your HVAC bills.

Gas-filled windows shouldn’t leak or corrode, making them perfect for any climate at any time of year. They’re an excellent energy option not only for keeping the temperatures in your home comfortable, but for preventing window condensation and all the problems that can come with it. If you’re interested in learning more of the benefits to be had from gas-filled windows, call Zen Windows Des Moines at (515) 287 – 8789 or fill out a contact form for a free quote.