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Reasonable Renovation: The Case for Vinyl Doors and Windows

Vinyl Windows and Doors in Des Moines Home

Every so often, windows and doors will need to be updated, repaired, or replaced. For homeowners in Midwestern climates (including right here in Des Moines), if your windows and/or doors don’t function well, it’s felt more acutely than in more temperate climates, with residents generally having to fight more extreme utility bills.

For people in these regions, the buzz revolves around vinyl doors and windows.

There are several reasons why homeowners are looking into vinyl doors and windows in Des Moines, among other Midwestern locales.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

For homeowners looking to trim their utility bills, vinyl can be a godsend. Numerous studies have shown that vinyl doors and windows tend to perform similarly to wood-framed options. With annual energy costs chronically creeping up, outdated windows and doors can allow hundreds of dollars to fly out of the window. It is no wonder why homeowners are flocking to more energy-efficient options, such as vinyl.

Minimal Maintenance

Prospective buyers, especially those with pets or children, tend to look for building materials that keep maintenance fuss to a minimum. Vinyl windows and doors are usually colored throughout the material, making them appear to be more scratch-resistant than other materials. Vinyl is also much easier to clean than wood, not requiring sanding, priming, or finishing. Vinyl doors and windows in Des Moines generally mean less headache for the homeowners than their wood counterparts.

Curbing Costs

Since cost is almost always a concern for homeowners, food for thought can lie in the bottom line. Vinyl windows and doors generally start at a fraction of the cost of wood windows. With upwardly trending renovation costs, this is an area where costs can safely be shaved.

Bang for the Buck

One way for homeowners to trim costs is to replace old windows and doors with more energy-efficient models. Vinyl doors and replacement windows in Des Moines tend to offer homeowners excellent value, both initially and in the long run. Their durability, reasonable cost, and energy efficiency may reduce the price of a renovation.