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Is Your Sliding Patio Door in Need of a Replacement?

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. Whether it’s fear of a home improvement project or a sentimental attachment to your sliding patio doors, sometimes it’s easy to miss the cues. But when your sliding patio door has outlived its functionality and is in need of a replacement, it will let you know. Don’t take them for granted. Here are a few signs to look out for.


Like any windows and doors in your home, your sliding patio door is exposed to the elements. A high quality patio door can last for decades, but it’s not invincible. Over time, you may notice damage from the elements and misuse, or even stress cracks in the patio door. Sometimes it’s possible to repair the damage. Contact a patio door contractor to see if it can be repaired. If not, it may be time to have replacement patio doors installed.


Sometimes the signs are not so much seen as they are felt. Have you noticed that there’s always a bit of a chill in the room where your sliding patio door is installed or that the air is a little stuffier there? Sliding patio doors are excellent insulators, and with their track system, they typically have a tight seal. If they’re letting in a draft, that’s a sign that they’ve started to wear down. Whether there’s a problem with the glass or the track, you shouldn’t let it go on for too long. If neglected, this could lead to…

Condensation & Seal Failure

Moisture on the outside of the sliding patio door is sometimes inevitable, and even a sign that your window is insulating well. Outdoor condensation occurs when the heat on the outer glass pane meets cooler air on summer nights, and if the outer glass pane is hot, that typically means it’s kept hot air from leaking into your home. However, if you notice moisture on the inside of your doors, you may have a problem. Indoor condensation occurs when too much cold air leaks through the glass and clashes with the heated air inside during the winter. If the humidity level in your home is within the normal range for the season and exterior temperature and you still have interior condensation, it can be an indicator that the glass is no longer insulating. It’s for this reason that drafts and condensation can go hand-in-hand, and neither of them are great signs for the lifespan of sliding patio doors. If a film has built up in between the panes of glass, this is a sign of seal failure. If the door is no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty, you will have to find a window installation company to install a new sliding glass door.

Track Problems

Finally, consider the operation of your sliding patio door. Has it been difficult to open and close? Do you find yourself needing to shift it to run smoothly on the track? Worse yet, is there a gap between the frame and the bottom of the door? Sliding patio doors should be tightly sealed, and they’re among the easiest doors to operate. If your sliding patio door is stiff or doesn’t fit in its frame quite as well as it should or once did, it may be time to say goodbye to that door and have a replacement sliding patio door installed. If not, you’re essentially just losing money.

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