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Should You Spend Your Tax Refund on Your Des Moines Home?

Tax season is over, and now the fun part begins. Because of direct deposit, many Des Moines residents have already received their tax refunds. Others might be waiting for the check to arrive in the mail. It’s nice to have a little splurge money after a long year. The question now is how to use it.

You may decide to save your tax refund for a financial cushion or some larger project down the line. You might invest it, go on a shopping spree, or take a vacation. These are all valid options, but one that’s talked about less is using your tax refund on your home. Home remodeling projects can be expensive, and they’re often put off for just that reason. With the Iowa average tax refund of $2,589, you could get a really nice start on replacing your windows and doors.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that spending your tax refund on home improvement is right for you. Before you call a local window and door company in Des Moines, consider whether you need home remodeling work done, and how far your refund will get you.

You Have a Small (But Not Too Small) Project

If you just have a room that needs to be repainted, it might not be worth bringing your tax refund into the mix. Similarly, if you only need one window replaced, you may be able to afford it without using your tax refund. On the other hand, if you have your heart set on a room addition, your tax return may only be a drop in the total sum of tens of thousands of dollars.

Something in the middle, like new flooring or multiple window and door replacements, is ideal for your budget here. If you’ve long wanted to rehaul several of your home’s windows and doors, but haven’t had the time or money, now may be the right time to hire a window and door company to tackle that for you.

You’re Losing Money On Your Monthly Energy Bills

Spending your tax refund on new windows and doors may in fact help you save money in the long run. If your windows are old or faulty, they may have a poor insulation value. These windows let in too much air from outside, and your comfortable, conditioned indoor air is too likely to escape outside. They may also simply not be letting in enough light, or there may be an area of your home that’s too dim due to a lack of windows. Doors are the same way. A worn out door won’t insulate your home very efficiently, and without relying on your HVAC, your home could become stuffy or drafty.

As a result, all that energy you use to make up for your windows’ failings (or lack of windows) costs you a bit each month. By having energy efficient windows and doors installed that let in plenty of sunlight and insulate your home, you can get that money back. There may also be tax rebates for energy efficient windows and doors to take advantage of next year.

You Want to Add Value to Your Home

One good reason for investing your tax refund in your home is if you need to add value to your home before moving. An entry door or sliding patio doors can make a bold statement to potential buyers, and new, stylish windows are sure to boost your curb appeal. Simply ask your Des Moines window and door company what types of windows are most popular right now.

Choosing energy efficient windows and doors will also add value to your home. If potential buyers know they can save money on their energy bills in your home, that could justify a higher listing price.

Your tax refund is your chance to treat yourself, whether immediately or by putting that money towards home improvements. If you’re unsure whether it’s worth it to spend your refund on new or replacement windows and doors, schedule a quote with a window and door company. At Zen Windows Des Moines, we offer a simple and accurate quote over the phone that will provide an estimate of how much your project will cost. We never use any high pressure sales tactics, so if you decide you’re not interested, we’ll understand.

In the meantime, contact us with any of your window and door questions or to schedule a quote.