Why the Zen Way is the Best Way to Get An Online Quote

Can you really get an accurate quote for replacement windows online? Sometimes Des Moines homeowners are skeptical of the idea, because how accurate can the quote really be without seeing the worksite first? But with highly trained professionals and the right questions, an online quote can actually be very accurate — as well as painless. When it comes to the decision to get a quote online, you just have to find the right company. Here are a few reasons why we feel the Zen Windows Des Moines way is the best way to get an online quote.

Quick, Easy Process

We all have busy lives, and just because your home needs new windows and doors doesn’t mean you can put your life on hold. Rather than waiting around the house for a contractor to arrive for your quote, you can get a quote from Zen in just five minutes. First, fill out our online form detailing your project and your information. Once that’s submitted, you’ll get an email from Zen to schedule a quick phone call. By the next day, you’ll have a fair, clear quote that you can count on. It’s really that simple.

No High Pressure Tactics

Many contractors will try to scare you into accepting their quote with high pressure threats, such as threatening to escalate the cost after a day. At Zen Windows, we’ll never do that. We’re confident enough in our products and services that we’ll let you decide. We also never ask for a deposit upfront. At Zen Windows, we’ll never charge you a dime until the project is finished to your satisfaction.

Experts You Can Trust

All of our window installation crew is highly trained and certified to make sure your windows are installed right the first time, in such a way that they’ll last for years. We know windows like the back of our hands — so well, in fact, that we feel confident giving a quote after a consultation over the phone. And we like to think it’s worked out for our customers in the past, but of course, it’s always better to take their words for it. Through our online quote, you can not only get an idea of the cost of your window project but the expertise of our service.

Why not check it out for yourself? Contact Zen Windows Des Moines today for more information on a free quote.