Window Design Ideas — Gorgeous Window Combinations

Windows are a great way to add not just light and outdoor views to your room, but style. You can combine various window styles to accentuate the design of the room or position them in a way that brings out the room’s best features. In fact, it’s often best for the design to use a combination of various window styles. Here are a few of our favorite combinations and window design ideas for Des Moines homes.

Rows of Casement (or Awning) Windows

While this incorporates only one window style, it can create a very pleasing effect, especially for light, modern rooms. Create a row of a few casement windows along one wall — say three or four. These tall, narrow windows give the room the appearance of height, as well as extended outdoor views. You also have the appeal of ventilation that comes with casement windows. Because casement windows open from the side, air moves through them similar to the way it might move through a sail, making this one of the best window styles for ventilation available.

Another option is to create rows of awning windows, especially high on the wall. This creates the effect of light flooding down into the room, effectively “daylighting” it.

Picture and Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows remain to this day one of the most popular window styles on the market. They’re characterized by two sashes moving in opposite directions, so that the window is remarkably versatile and energy efficient. Picture windows, on the other hand, aren’t operable at all, but can take any shape and size. When combined with the easy operation of double hung windows, you can get the best of both worlds: style and light  as well as energy efficiency and ventilation.

Bay/Bow and Casement Windows

Bay and bow windows are the largest window styles, with a broad, elegant aesthetic. Bay windows have three panes while bow windows have three to five panes, but in both cases, the windows arc outward, creating a convex appearance. Often the panes used on the side are casement windows, while the one in the center are picture windows This helps a room to look larger, taller, and of course, brighter.

What are some of your favorite window combinations? If you’re interested in having some installed for your own Des Moines home, contact Zen Windows Des Moines today.