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What Window Style Will Offer the Most Light for Your Vinyl Window Installation?

Now that spring is here, it’s a great time of year to enjoy sunlight streaming in through your vinyl windows…which means if you need more vinyl windows, it’s a great time of year to have a vinyl window installation done. Vinyl window installation can add value and energy efficiency to your home. You can add them to a breakfast nook, a studio, or even create a window garden. But from there, it all depends on the style of windows you want and the actual day of installation.

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl has natural thermal resistance which means it can keep the room comfortable year round, rather than just for the mild seasons of the year. The gas fillings between triple panes of our Lotus vinyl windows adds to the security and insulation that vinyl naturally provides. It has a smooth look and it’s very low maintenance. Frames never need to be painted, and the glass itself requires little cleaning. For clear extended views and little hassle, vinyl is a clear choice. The question is rather, what type of vinyl window installation do  you need?

Window Styles

There are a number of popular styles for vinyl window installation. If you’re having multiple windows installed in one room, you may stick to one particular style for the sake of uniformity, or you might mix and match.

  • Casement. Casement windows are among the most popular window styles right now. Tall, flat, and simple in their design, these windows offer extended, unobstructed views. Even better, they offer easy ventilation by opening from the side, perfect for summer days with a nice breeze.
  • Double-hung. Large double-hung windows are an oldie but goodie, particularly because of the versatility of their operation. These are also excellent windows for sunrooms that function as an indoor garden. The main downside to double-hung windows is the check bar that runs across them, slightly obscuring the view.
  • Bay or bow windows. These stately convex windows can add a touch of unexpected elegance to a room. They can also help the room to feel larger, and a large window sill is the perfect place to sit potted plants.
  • Picture windows.While not great for ventilation, picture windows are designed to create optimal views and flood a room with light, so they’re also a choice to consider.
  • Awning windows. Awning windows placed high on the wall above the main windows can add more light and ventilation to the room.
  • Patio doors.Sliding patio doors are often installed to help create a natural flow between the indoor living space and outdoor living space. This can be perfect if you want to increase your indoor outdoor living. If sitting in your room makes you want to step outside into the sun, a sliding patio door makes the transition that much smoother.

What to Expect from the Vinyl Window Installation

Installing new vinyl windows can vary in time, depending on the existing structure of the room and the amount and type of windows needed. The right vinyl window installation crew will keep you posted if there’s any chance of delay due to weather and can give you a more specific estimate of the time the work will take based on your particular needs. Should there be any damage done to the property or any accidents on the job, their insurance will cover it (though it’s important to make sure before the work starts that the contractor is insured), and they’ll leave the installation site clean when the work is done.

Zen Windows Des Moines offers Lotus and Karma vinyl windows, both of which are excellent choices for any room. Contact us today for a free quote about vinyl window installation so you can start enjoying more light in your room as soon as possible.