2017 Des Moines Homeowners Guide To
Sliding Patio Doors

Considering Sliding Patio Door Installation?
Here Are A Few Things You Should Know First...

Homeowners in Des Moines love the versatility of sliding patio doors. Sliding patio doors combine the benefits of windows AND doors. You get the practicality of an entry door, along with the views, ventilation, and loads of natural light that windows provide.

Sliding Patio Door Operation

Sliding Patio Door Operation

A sliding patio door consists of two panel sections. One section is fixed, while the other section—you guessed it—slides along a track. Sliding patio doors can slide open from the left or the right—it’s up to you. Modern sliding patio doors also feature advanced multi-point locking systems to make them safe and secure.

Sliding Patio Door Uses

Sliding Patio Door Uses

Sliding patio doors are for Des Moines homeowners who want ease of use, amazing outdoor views, and plenty of natural light. Due to their design, sliding patio doors tend to offer more light and view than French patio doors. They also require less floor space, since they don’t swing outward.

Sliding Patio Door Energy Efficiency

Sliding Patio Door Energy Efficiency

All of the awesome energy advancements of modern-day windows also apply to sliding patio doors. Sliding patio doors can come with multiple glass panes, low-e glass coating, insulated frames, and everything else a window does. This helps keep your home a comfortable temperature while lowering those monthly energy bills.

Find Out More About Sliding Patio Doors…

Get in touch with Zen Windows for more information about sliding patio door installation in Des Moines. In addition to providing you with one of our famous no-pressure online quotes, we’ll also happily answer any and all questions you have. You’ll appreciate the relaxed nature of our conversation.

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The “X” Factor:

At the end of the day, one thing can make or break your project: The company you choose to replace your windows.

Make sure any replacement window company in Des Moines has the following:

  1. Great online reviews
  2. Certified & experienced installers (not day laborers!)
  3. Proper licenses and insurance
  4. An involved owner
  5. Lifetime warranties

Hiring a company that checks all five of these boxes will all but ensure an excellent replacement window project for your home.