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Garden Windows in Des Moines, IA

Celebrate your flowers and plants by showcasing them in garden windows—these mini-greenhouses project out from your exterior wall, making interior display space for unique decorating opportunities. At Zen Windows Des Moines, we design, install, and replace a variety of garden windows. Whether you are looking to update a room’s look or it’s time for garden window replacement, Zen Windows Des Moines is ready to bring you the guidance and quality you need.

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What Are Garden Windows?

Garden windows differ from standard windows because they extend out from the home and into the yard. Garden windows typically have a glass top and are often angled at around 90 degrees from your home. Sometimes referred to as a greenhouse window, garden windows get their name from their trademark display area for plants or herbs set in natural light. Garden windows are often installed in the kitchen but can be set in any room where you would like to have more natural light.

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The Benefits of Garden Windows

Garden windows are popular due to their modern versatility. They add a touch of sophisticated style to any home while also offering the following distinguishable benefits:

  • Design appeal: Garden windows add dimension to both the exterior and interior of a home. Their ability to bring extra light to a living space adds to their star-quality effect.
  • Peripheral views: The larger opening of garden windows offers your household a better sightline of the outside world.
  • Display functionality: The box-like display area that’s the hallmark of a garden window sets aside space for photos, plants, or other décor.
  • Utility: Indoor gardening has a place to flourish with the design of garden windows. Plants, herbs, and flowers can grow in ample light while providing beauty to your interior environment.
  • Energy efficiency: Replacing old existing windows with energy-efficient garden windows saves you money. The four-panel construction is constructed with thick-cut glass and installed tightly into a strong PVC frame so that they won’t leak air.
  • Resale value: Add more buyer interest with the custom touch a garden window brings to your home.

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How Do You Know When to Replace Your Garden Windows?

New, quality garden windows should last homeowners between 15 and 20 years if they are installed well and don’t fall victim to accidental damage. It may be time to replace your garden windows if you:

  • Experience increased noise
  • Feel drafts
  • See signs of water damage
  • Struggle to open or close the windows
  • Discover condensation building up between the glass layers
  • Want to update the look and style of your home.

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Why Choose Zen Windows Des Moines?

Zen Windows Des Moines approaches the window-buying process with methods our customers love. Gone are the normal hassles associated with window installation and replacement. Choosing Zen Windows Des Moines means:

  • Zero-hassle window quotes
  • No sales pressure
  • No upfront deposit
  • Expert window installation
  • Lifetime warranties

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