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Sliding Windows in Des Moines, IA

If you’re looking to add easy ventilation and light to any room in your home, sliding windows are a great option. The window experts at Zen Windows Des Moines have years of experience designing, installing, and replacing custom sliding windows. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with outstanding service and exceptional quality and results!

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What Are Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows are windows that open using a sliding mechanism that allows one pane to move over another pane that stays in place. Sliding windows can be single-hung, meaning only one pane slides and opens while the other is fixed in place, or double-hung, meaning that two panes can slide and open the window. Sliding windows typically open side to side, and they’re usually wider than they are tall, making them great for side spaces or rooms with low ceilings.

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Are Sliding Windows Energy-Efficient?

Since sliding windows have tight seals that efficiently block out air leaks and infiltrations, they are considered energy-efficient. Sliding windows can also have special coatings, energy-efficient frames, and multiple glass pane options to maximize energy efficiency. The results of having energy-efficient sliding windows are lower energy bills and long-term savings.

What Are the Benefits of Sliding Windows?

In addition to being energy efficient, sliding windows offer benefits that include:

  • Ease of use: You only need to unlatch the lock and easily slide the sliding windows open to instantly let more air and light into any room.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: The wide variety of sizes, styles, and options for slider windows means that these windows can be customized to fit and enhance the style of your home.
  • Enhanced views: Sliding windows offer lots of natural light and exterior views. This can make them an ideal option for both small and large spaces.
  • Less maintenance: Slider windows have few moving parts, meaning they can operate reliably for years with very little maintenance.

Choose Zen Windows Des Moines for Slider Window Installation and Replacement

When you’re ready to install sliding windows for your home, turn to the window experts at Zen Windows Des Moines to handle your project. Our team is ready to provide you with superior results and outstanding customer service. We can design, install and replace sliding windows of all sizes and styles.

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