Casement Windows

Casement Windows


2018 Des Moines Homeowners Guide To
Casement Windows

What Casement Windows Are, How They Operate,
And If They Are The Right Windows For You.

Casement windows look great in both new and old Des Moines homes. Like other types of windows, casement windows can be installed as a single unit or grouped together. Casement windows can also come with grid patterns for an extra touch of elegance.

Casement windows provide amazing views. Unlike double hung windows, casements have no material (e.g., top and bottom rails) obstructing the glass. This gives you a pure, unimpeded view of the outdoors.

Casement Window Operation

Casement windows are attached to the frame by one or more hinges on the side. This makes casement windows open outward to the left or right, similar to a door. Casement windows are usually operated with a crank or lever at the bottom of the window.

Because of how they open, casement windows easily meet egress laws and can act as emergency exits for your home.

Casement Window Uses

Casements are typically installed over sinks, appliances, and countertops, but they can look and function great anywhere in your home. They have no top and bottom rails obstructing the glass. This gives you a pure, unimpeded view of the outdoors and amazing ventilation.

Casement windows are also practical for bedrooms, as they are suitable exits in case of an emergency.

Casement Window Energy Efficiency

Since casement windows have few functioning parts (like a sliding track), they create an ultra-tight seal when they’re closed. Glass panes are inserted in a grooved frame and sealed with a glazing compound to secure the glass. The only type of window that can get you better energy efficiency is a fixed window.

Want More Info On Casement Windows?

If you’re a Des Moines-area homeowner who wants more details about casement windows, contact us. We’d be honored to have an open and honest discussion about your project and answer all of your questions. No pressure. No obligation.

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The “X” Factor:

At the end of the day, one thing can make or break your project: The company you choose to replace your windows.

Make sure any replacement window company in Des Moines has the following:

  1. Great online reviews
  2. Certified & experienced installers (not day laborers!)
  3. Proper licenses and insurance
  4. An involved owner
  5. Lifetime warranties

Hiring a company that checks all five of these boxes will all but ensure an excellent replacement window project for your home.