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Energy-Efficient Windows

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Des Moines Homeowners Save Money with Energy-Efficient Windows!

We are emerging into an energy-conscious future filled with beautiful and innovative ways to optimize your daily life. At Zen Windows, we bring this forethought into carefully crafted windows that bring both beauty and benefit. The intricate design of our windows contains a multi-layered glazing technique created to mitigate harsh external temperatures and maintain the interior comfort of your home.

Investing in energy-efficient windows will save you money every day for the life span of your home.

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What Are the Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows?

Bring the bliss of technology into your space and bask in the many benefits of energy-efficient windows, such as:

  • Energy savings: On average, installing energy-efficient windows can save you 10-30% on your energy costs, which would otherwise be spent on heating and cooling.
  • Draft prevention: No more of your money will be leaking out the deteriorated seals of a drafty window. Reinforced seals keep a resolute boundary between interior and exterior climates.
  • Limited UV light exposure: These windows intercept and deflect 75% of UV rays, protecting your furniture, carpets, and beautiful decor from damaging sunlight.
  • Increase curb appeal & property value: An investment in beautiful energy technology is an upgrade that improves visual appeal while increasing the overall property value of your home.
  • Minimize wear on HVAC systems: By eliminating drafts and deflecting aggressive light, energy-efficient windows help maintain your regulated internal temperature and reduce the strain on your heating and cooling system.
  • Reduce frost accumulation: See clearly, no matter the temperature, as the precision engineering of high-efficiency glass protected by a thin metal layer prevents frost buildup on your windows.

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What Are the Energy-Efficient Window Ratings?

Energy-Efficient Window Styles by Zen Windows

Windows are meant to be an epicenter for beauty, bringing the charm of the natural world into your space. Our ENERGY STAR®-certified windows come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, so you can find a seamless fit to match the elegance of your setting.

Customize your windows with precise measurements and choose between double- or triple-paned glass insulated with krypton and argon gas. We will tailor your windows to be a true enhancement for your home and make them perfect in form, function, and appearance.

Considerations To Make When Choosing New or Replacement Windows

Your windows are an investment in your property, and the perfect installation takes time. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour for each window installation. Our team diligently removes the old window, thoroughly inspects the frame for any damage, and performs any necessary repairs before installation. Then, each pane of energy-efficient glass is set, sealed, and installed with meticulous care.

These exemplifications of modern design are guaranteed from the moment they are installed, allowing you to recoup the cost of installation several times over and reap the benefits of having high-efficiency windows.

Our Energy-Efficient Window Installation in Des Moines

Homeowners and businesses can reap the many benefits of installing energy-efficient windows in their spaces. We offer commercial and residential installation for all our top-quality products in Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Iowa City, Council Bluffs, and the surrounding areas.

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FAQs About Energy-Efficient Windows

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive about energy-efficient windows at Zen Windows Des Moines:

Can you write off energy-efficient windows on your taxes?

The specifics vary by tax year, but renewable energy tax rebates continue to be offered, especially on ENERGY STAR®-certified products like those from Zen Windows. You should save the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council®) label for proof of your windows’ measurements. Then check with your accountant or tax professional.

What makes a window energy-efficient?

Zen Windows puts a great deal of effort into designing and delivering superior energy efficiency to homes and offices in Iowa. Look for information regarding:

  • Air leakage numbers. These numbers tell you how well your windows prevent energy loss. ENERGY STAR air leakage rating is ≤0.3 cfm/f2. Look for low numbers.
  • Condensation resistance. This measures windows’ ability to resist condensation formation between panes and inside the frame. The ranges are 1–100. Look for high numbers.
  • H3U-factor. This measures how well your windows keep indoor heat from escaping. The ranges are from 0.20–1.20. Look for low numbers.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient. SHGC measures how well your windows keep cool air inside during the summer. The ranges are 0–1. Look for low numbers.
  • Visible transmittance. This is how well your windows allow natural sunlight to enter your home. The ranges are 0–1. Look for high numbers.

What makes Zen Windows replacement windows more energy-efficient than other companies’?

From design through installation, Zen Windows Des Moines products will provide superior energy efficiency because of their:

  • Frames: For energy efficiency and value, vinyl and fiberglass frames are best. They are lower maintenance and thermally superior to aluminum, metal, or even wood frames.
  • Glass: A Zen Windows single-pane window replacement will be better than any other brand. But for a dramatic difference, two to three glass panes offer more insulation. They have high-density krypton or argon gas between each pane. Your windows will be more energy-efficient, stronger, and safer.
  • Installation: The best windows in the world won’t deliver energy efficiency if not properly installed. We take pride in ourselves and our company. We’ll respect your property and possessions and leave your home as clean as before installation.
  • Low-E glass: Zen Windows Des Moines replacement windows have a low-E coating that reflects ultraviolet/infrared light without preventing natural sunlight. The coating also protects furniture, curtains, and carpets from fading due to sunlight overexposure.
  • Warm-edge spacers: Spacers hold panes of glass apart in double- or triple-pane windows. Non-metallic and non-metal hybrids are most effective for maximum insulation and energy efficiency.

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