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Picture Windows


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Picture Windows

Thinking About Installing Picture Windows?
Here’s What You Should Know.

When it comes to picture windows in Des Moines, the name says it all. Picture windows provide unparalleled picturesque views of the outdoors. Picture windows are fixed windows, meaning they cannot be opened or closed. But ventilation is not a picture window’s purpose; providing plenty of sunshine and flat-out amazing natural scenery is.

Picture Window Operation

There’s not much to say here. Since picture windows are fixed, they have no operational features. This actually makes picture windows quite durable. You won’t have to worry about replacing small, moving parts because there are none!

Picture Window Uses

Des Moines homeowners install picture windows for a few reasons. First, for the amazing views picture windows provide. Second, for the abundance of sunshine they allow in the home. And finally, for a big boost in curb appeal.

Picture Window Energy Efficiency

A picture window is the most energy efficient window by default. Since it is fixed, it has an unbroken airtight and watertight seal around the entire window. Picture windows can also come with a variety of excellent thermal features, such as triple pane glass, insulated frames, low-emissivity glass coating, and insulated frames.

Want To Know More About Picture Windows?

If you’re considering picture window installation in Des Moines, contact Zen Windows. We’ll provide you with the information you want, along with a quick and accurate online quote. Not only that, but we’ll do it with ZERO sales pressure—guaranteed.

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The “X” Factor:

At the end of the day, one thing can make or break your project: The company you choose to replace your windows.

Make sure any replacement window company in Des Moines has the following:

  1. Great online reviews
  2. Certified & experienced installers (not day laborers!)
  3. Proper licenses and insurance
  4. An involved owner
  5. Lifetime warranties

Hiring a company that checks all five of these boxes will all but ensure an excellent replacement window project for your home.