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What Makes Our Iowa Window Replacement Process Different?

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Can Getting Replacement Windows In Des Moines Really Be A Relaxed, Pressure-Free Experience?

Answer: With Zen Windows… Absolutely.

Why is getting replacement windows so stressful?

Pushy salespeople. Drawn-out sales meetings. High pressure. Inflated prices. Sloppy workmanship. Bare-bones warranties.

Homeowners have to put up with this ALL THE TIME when dealing with the average window company. It’s as sure as the sun rising tomorrow.

Fortunately, Zen Windows Des Moines is anything but the average window company. We provide high-quality, no-stress window replacement for homeowners all over Iowa.

Here’s how:

Zero-Hassle Window Quotes

First, provide us with a little information about your home. We email you within minutes to schedule a quick assessment call, so we can discuss your project’s details and determine the best products for your needs.

After the call, we calculate the price of your project and contact you with a firm, fair quote in less than a day.

No Sales Pressure

Once we provide you with a quote and the information you need, we step back, give you some space, and let YOU decide how to proceed.

Need to sleep on it? Go for it. Want to talk things over with your spouse? That’s perfectly fine. Prefer to wait a little longer to decide? Take your time. We NEVER pressure you. You come to us when you are ready.

No Up-Front Deposit

Do you really want to pay 50% of your project cost BEFORE your contractor starts working? It’s a big gamble… but it’s one that 99 out of 100 replacement window companies make you take.

We’re that “1 out of 100” exception. You don’t owe us one dime until we complete the project and you are completely satisfied. This keeps the experience low stress on your end and keeps us 100% accountable to deliver stellar results. Win-win.

Expert Window Installation

If you want your replacement window installation in Iowa that’s “done once, done right, done FOREVER,” you’ve come to the right place.

Our window installation crew is comprised of lead-certified, OSI-certified veteran craftsmen with decades of experience. They hold themselves to the highest standards, ensure even the smallest detail is done 100% correct, and possess true passion for their craft.

On top of that, they’re family-oriented, just plain friendly people. They ensure you’re completely comfortable during installation, and they bend over backward to provide you with the most pleasant project experience possible.

Lifetime Warranties

To ensure your total peace of mind after we’ve installed your windows, we protect your project with a lifetime transferrable warranty on materials AND labor. Our warranties contain ZERO fine print, ZERO “gotchas,” and even cover glass breakage. It’s our way of making sure your window project remains “Zen” long after installation.

If this sounds like the way you’d like to purchase replacement windows, get in touch with us. We’d LOVE to show you the Zen Windows difference.

We're changing the way people buy windows & doors

No down payments, no pushy salespeople, a lifetime warranty and you work directly with the owner. Request a quote or give us a call to get started.