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Why Des Moines Residents Are Buying THESE Sliding Windows In 2017

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If you’re a Des Moines homeowner looking to replace your windows, consider choosing Vinyl Sliding Windows from Zen Windows.

Our 2017 line of sliding windows offer some of the best views and easiest operation of any replacement window on the market. You’ll enjoy an ultra-durable window that looks great, cuts energy costs, and needs little upkeep.

What Is A Sliding Window?

A sliding window works like a double hung window. But while double hung windows move up and down, sliding windows move left and right. This makes sliding windows good for situations where it’s hard to operate a double hung or outward swinging window. Because of their shape, sliding windows offer a wide and clear view. Their shape also makes them well-suited for areas of a house with short walls that require a tall, skinnier window.  
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Because they are easy to use and provide a great view, sliding windows are popular in 2017.

7 Reasons Des Moines Homeowners Install  Zen’s Sliding Windows On Their Houses:

  1. A small space with a BIG view. Our sliding windows have the most glass area of any operable window. This makes sliding windows a great choice if you’re replacing a window in a small space.
  2. Buttery-smooth operation. Our sliding windows can be unlocked and easily slide left or right. They are one of the easiest-to-operate windows
  3. Strong and secure. Today’s vinyl replacement windows provide outstanding strength and security. Zen’s sliding windows are no exception, as they’re built with heavy-duty locking mechanisms.
  4. Cut energy costs. Because of high-efficiency materials and glass, vinyl sliding windows like ours will slash your energy costs as soon as they are installed in your home. You can save hundreds of dollars per year.
  5. Lifetime protection. Our sliding windows come with a lifetime product warranty AND a lifetime installation warranty. You’re protected NO MATTER WHAT.
  6. Expert installers. Window replacement requires skill. Our window installers are experienced, certified craftsmen who love what they do.
  7. Plenty of colors and styles. Our sliding windows offer many color and style choices. Finding the perfect look for your home is easy.

Sliding Window Color Choices

At Zen Windows Des Moines, we believe in giving your choices… and lots of them. Our sliding windows come in a large variety of colors and styles. Here is a look at some of your options.

Vinyl Sliding Windows Colors: Interior & Exterior Choices

Soft White



Sliding Windows Interior Colors: Woodgrain

Brazilian Cherry

Medium Oak

Light Oak

Sliding Window Exterior Colors

Coastal Dune
Colonial Ivory
Royal Brown
Forest Green

Wedgewood Blue


Choose From 3 Lines Of Sliding Windows

We offer Des Moines homeowners three lines of sliding windows, so finding a great window is easy… no matter your budget. Our window lines are called Karma, Nirvana, and Lotus. Learn more about Zen Windows’ line of replacement windows. For more info about our sliding windows, or any of our replacement windows and doors, fill out the form below. We provide quick, accurate, Zero Hassle replacement window quotes by phone and email.
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