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Round-Top Window Replacement in Des Moines, IA

How you view the outside world from inside your home is determined by the quality of your window. And how the world views your home is as well. That’s why, when you decide to replace or install new windows, you need to enlist professionals who are committed to quality products, customer care, and installation. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of a streamlined window installation project done by professionals who know what they are doing ― from start to finish.

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What Are the Different Types of Round-Top Windows?

Round Top Window Installation & Replacement in Washington DC
Round-top windows offer a unique stylistic element to any new or old home. Often used as an accent window above a rectangular window, round-top windows can also be installed in various other styles with improved energy efficiency and performance and eye-catching results.

Round-top windows, or arched windows, vary in style and shape but can be tailor-made to conform to your space and style requirements. The most popular types of round-top windows include:

  • Fixed-Arch Windows: Stylish and decorative, these types of radius windows don’t open, but they add light to any room and can be weatherproofed.
  • Single-Hung Arch Windows: These windows open from either the top or bottom but not both.
  • Double-Hung Arch Windows: These arch windows open from both the top and the bottom.
  • Arch Casement Windows: These windows have side-operating sashes, so they open from either the left or right side.

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The Benefits of Round-Top Windows

Round-top windows add elegance and interest to any structure because of the atypical curved window line. Often chosen to brighten up a closed-off living space, round-top windows complement floor-to-ceiling windows, front-facing walls, or strong roof lines.

Older homes often incorporated round-top windows in their designs. Replacing these older arch windows with a double-hung, energy-efficient window can preserve the rich, historic look of the home while improving your energy savings.

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How Do You Know When to Replace Your Existing Windows?

Experts agree that new, quality windows shouldn’t need to be replaced for 15-20 years if they are installed well and don’t sustain any accidental damage. However, it may be time to replace your windows if you are hearing excessive outside noise, feeling drafts when windows are closed securely, noticing signs of water damage, having difficulty opening or closing windows, finding condensation building up between the glass layers, or if you are looking to upgrade the look and style of your home.

If any of these factors apply to you, contact Zen Windows Des Moines to learn more about your style, color, and grid options. We stock window lines for a variety of budgets and looks such as:

  • Karma: High-performance, energy-efficient, double-pane window with stylistic features and an ergonomic design.
  • Nirvana: Like the Karma line but with thermal effectiveness and a heavy-duty vent lock.
  • Lotus: Triple-pane window option fortified with Ultra S and Solar Ultra S Glass and reinforced with fiberglass to provide maximum security.

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